Tuesday, 25 May 2010


after you know what is blogroll and blogpost.now in this post i want to share to you about 4 type of blogroll,this 4 type is avaible in 2 ways to sell link or in forum selling and from broker like ask2link/text-link-ads.okay maybe i can review what 4 type of blogroll is.

1.homepage link

for homepage link i little bit i know that this type of blogroll is same like blogpost or maybe like a post that have a many link in the content.homepage link is useful for link seller because with my opinion this type blogroll,many people sell link by this type of blogroll

2.sitewide link

i think you know sitewide link,sitewide link is sell a link and place it on left/right/footer/above a website.usually this sitewide link has a name like in this blog you can see my friends blog or my blog,yeah that is sitewide link

3.innerpage link

maybe this type of blogroll many people forget it but if you see a deep like a sea hehe,you can meet an advertiser that maybe interest to buy a link by innerpage,theres one of member of adsense-id want to buy a link from innerpage like mr.p3durungan you can join to this forum by see on my post forum list for buy and sell link.innerpage is an article that have a pagerank and its ready to sell a link in behind or footer of content.


i think blogpost is blogroll too but maybe this typ of blogroll is diferent from the other because this link must have a a content to place a link,for example what is blogpost you can see my article on strategies link building services use to drive traffic,yeah if you see an article you know that article are blogpost,dont forget to visit my advertiser link in that post okay hehe.

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Saturday, 22 May 2010


IF you like play or visit to forum or maybe become member one of online business forum,you can see a topic link market.do you know link market i will tell you.link market is a topic that who want to sell or buy link to someone to member of online business forum.in link market you are nor rarely see what is blogroll.blogroll is we buy/sell a link in our pr blog.theres many place you can sell with blogroll example:you can sell link at sidewide,in homepage,innerpage or in footer.

i think for blogroll its easy to use,you just place an advertiser link in someplace that advertiser want,if you finish your job you contact an advertiser that link finish to place,so an advertiser check their link in our blog after that you can get dollar/money to your paypal pocket hehe.diferent with blogpost.blogpost is we buy/sell a review from one of member,a price could be diferent,you can get $15 per post,there are two types of blogpost is i write that mean you review an advertiser website and include an advertiser link post and publish it second id you write that mean advertiser review their website and we not review or post at the blog,a post is create by advertiser,after you get blogpost from advertiser you must copy paste it include an advertiser link and publish finish you can get money in your paypal pocket hehe.okay i think thats all from me so bye bye.if you want to sell or buy link from forum just see my post forum list for buy and sell link so you can join of that forum and start make money online from forum

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Friday, 21 May 2010

Strategies Link Building Services Use to Drive Traffic

SEO experts have the ability to drive traffic to your sites with some strategies. Of course the process to drive traffic to your websites can be really confusing because it involves many factors like the search engine optimization or your task to buy backlinks. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot understand it, thus here are the details given to you about the strategy the link building service uses to drive the traffic to your site.

The first method is by creating one way links as a vital aspect in SEO. If your site is lack of one way links, it may gain little or no search engine rankings at all. In this situation, paying for link building services will drive up your rankings on the search engine with special method which is by creating a deluge of one back links from other reputable websites.

Afterward, another method will be applied is by piggybacking on traffic from other websites. You can use the one way link building to boost your search engine rankings and there is also another possibility to use the same resources to drive traffic to your website. As an example, if your site link was placed on 1000 high traffic websites, there will be traffic driven to you because some of the traffic from the websites filters down to you. In the end, you will have a great number of visitors clicking your site and you will see that your traffic is about to rise higher.

Furthermore, another way link building services drive your traffic is by boosting your search engine visibility. It is obvious that if your site has higher ranking because it is visible in the search engine, you will get more traffic driven to your site. You will even get more opportunities to raise your traffic when your site has relevant and searchable keywords. Also you will get higher ranking as well as more traffic when your link building services create one way back links to your websites.

Thus, now you know how link building services struggle for your site’s traffic through some ways mentioned above and this can be your motivation to trust your site to the right link building service.

Monday, 17 May 2010


alhamdulilah this week im very happy with myself because my income from paid link increase than 2 weeks ago and my income is more than article that i post you can click here my income from paid link part 2,yeah you know im not sell link for this blog,i sell a link on daftar ptc luar terpercaya (see an url in my blog).i cant believe that i get more than $20,wow i get $20 with my tactic so if you want to get a dollar that i get please practice my tactic i hope its better soon as possible.

1.you must have a blog that have a pagerank,minimum PR 1,if you want to increase a pagerank just read my post in how to increase a pagerank

2.your blog must have a good alexa rank,my blog that get more than $20 has an alexa rank between 1 million,so please boost your alexarank now

3.sell it by 2 ways to sell a link,but i recommend to you to sell a link by forum if you want to see a forum list just click forum list for buy and sell link,so you can choose your favorite forum to join for sell a link,i suggest you to sella link with adsense-id or digitalpoint

4.if your blog are not engslish languange and its still blogger blog you can sell a link very cheaply example:$3 permanent or $2/year,this tactic can be useful because i already try it and it successfully,with this tactic i get more than $20

5.your blog must have a typical unique blog,like you have a dofollow blog,has a visitor more than 100/day etc,

so please come to my blog and read my useful post you can get a lot of dollar with my tips and trick,so you can make a happy your family :).with my income from paid link my earning from november 2008 until now(accumulated now in $130,05)alhamdulilah i get a more money with this blog,i hope you can enjoy your business with us

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Monday, 10 May 2010


today i want to share about how to increase a pagerank,for your information pagerank is the most important thing and its a part of paid sell link,yeah paid sell link cant happen in internet business if some of blog doesnt has a pagerank,well i think place for buy and sell link can give you tips how to increase a pagerank and i hope this tips can useful for us who want to earn money on paid link sales,so please read carefully this article it can be useful if you seriously do it everyday and i think if you want to make more money in paid link sales you must have HIGH PAGERANK okay here there are tips from me:

1.comment on dofollow blog, iassume you to comment on dofollow blog that has ionstant approve so you cant wait long time to approve your comment and please comment on article that has a pagerank if you comment in article that hasnt pagerank or its N/A or 0,its just wasting time,this is my trick you can practice it or not its up to you hehe.

2.submit you article in web submission article site so,your article has a backlink to your article and its very hopeful and very important so please after you post your article,do it now to submit your article on article submission site,a list of submssion web maybe i post it later.

3.exchange link with other people but must have a PR at least 1 so you can increase your pagerank blog i recommend to you to must exchange link with dofollow blog and its same niche with your blog and keep it from linkfarm

4.you must write an article everyday or i sggest you to post your article for 1 article for 2 days so search engine google can index your article and improve your blog algoritm on google alghoritm

5.lastly dont forget to make more internal link.internal link is a link that contain article to one of article on same site.yeah i usually practice this tips like in post my income from paid link,my income from paid link part 2 and our client.so you can get a pagerank

oka thats all for me if i have a wrong languange please forgive me and if this article usefull you can copy paste this artice but dont forget to linkback us okay,i hope after you read this article and practice it your blog has get PR 2 hehe kdding i hope you can get high pagerank after that you sell your link but dont forget to keep get notice from advertiser,thats from me bye.

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