Tuesday, 6 April 2010


horeeey,today im happy now because after i check this blog,this blog get PR 2 from google thanks allah,YOU are most merciful for me. 6 days ago i have posting about if google update their pagerank,well for your information this google pagerank update are late 2 days than we thinka bout it yeah google update their pagerank in 3 april now im happy too,because im optimize this blog to has pagerank only 4 days,yeah we know we must find a dofollow backlink to get a pagerank.now my blog mission in this day is promote this blog and increase a pagerank until 3-4 then i play paid to review with this blog,i hope i can earn paid to review and also sell link by 2 ways to sell link,im not forget too to use forum list ot buy and sell link for buy and sell link to advertiser.i tell you that my business is not scam,dont worry to be our publisher now click here and be our advertiser now by click here.thanks i hope you join with place for buy and sell link.

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