Monday, 23 August 2010


GOOGLE NOT UPDATE PAGERANK YET.well im feel tired because in a couple week im still lot of backlink but thats useless i mean not useless but until now google not update pagerank,in my opinion google update their pagerank on first of august but my opinion is false its not on first august but until now google not update their pagerank,i heard a news from my friend on said there was a problem with google and google still maintenance a page well i think this reason is good too because not usually google not upadte their pagerank until 4 month but in history google not update a pagerank for 5 month so we dont know that when google update pagerank i assume that a pagerank will be on first september so stay passion my friend it will be ok.ehmm one more thing is in my post dont put a link in comment form i told you that dont put a link in comment form if you still like that i will delete your comment well i think i must delete all spam comment yet haha.from now i will delete that comment once

Saturday, 7 August 2010


well good afternoon you all are you ok,ehmm do you miss me that i dont post yet now,i want to share you about high pr article directory list that i search on google and ready to share to you,my idea come from list dofollow pr 4 5 autoapprove and list edu blog autoapprove so i think that find a backlink with article directory is also one important thing for our blog now so,please enjoy my share remmember dont put a link in comment form if you want to comment on this blog ok,because this blog has pr n/a so i want to increase a pagerank of this blog,ok now check it out beib hehe:

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im sorry mayeb on of article direcotry site that you see maybe has decrease a pagerank or no gaian online since 2010 you can check one per one and check a pagerank with your favourite tools thanks