Tuesday, 27 July 2010


today im feel said because this blog has pr n/a,before n/a this blog has PR 2,how sadly its my mistake because im not update my content on this blog and still busy with hope me win seo contest start sharing not selling,aghh why its happens to me,this google pagerank update is the worst pagerank update that i ever seen,before this blog has pr n/a my link exchange mania blog has drop to N/A too.i think a usefull tips for this tragedy is first i must update post naturally,second get a backlink to this site and then i must not join seo contest,because join seo contest will drop a pagerank of blog so,i think hope me this blog has pr after google pagerank update major thanks,ohh really im sad for this news and finally i must exchange link with my 4 tips for link exchange well i must not every time play padi review and paid link.

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