Thursday, 15 July 2010


4 tips to get a oneway link.after i share you about list edu blog autoapprove and list dofollow pr 4-5 autoapprove today i want to talk to you about how to get oneway link.before you read a tips,i want to ask you something what is oneway link?oneway link is a link that linkback from blog A to blog B,but blog B not to linkback to BLOG A,this is call oneway link,oneway link is better than reciprocal link and do you know that oneway link is good for SEO,so after you know what is oneway link now i want to share you 4 tips to get a onewaylink here there are.

1.comment on dofollow blog,you can comment on dofollow by read my post about list edu blog autoapprove and list dofollow pr 4-5 autoapprove. a backlink from any blog that has can buy a link from adsense-id,digitalpoint or in ask2link, a blogpost or review form blog that has PR

4.make a three way link this trick also like oneway link

5.make a quality content so if any visitor that read your usefull post maybe they can make onewaylink form their blog to your blog.

6.lastly is place a signture on dofollow forum or you can see my post about forum list for buy and sell link,if a list not enough next time i will share you about list of dofollow forum thanks.

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