Monday, 19 July 2010


hope me win seo contest.for a first time i join seo contest.seo contest that i join it is from adsense-id forum name squids,so hope me win seo contest for a first time.a winner takes from 1-3 position on after that a prize for 1st place is $60+PR 3 domain .com,prize for 2nd place is $40+PR 2 domain .com and lastly a 3rd place prize is only $25 + .info so do you want to take a place in seo contest name start sharing not selling.i hope you will join this seo contest oh one thing is im sorry for my friend or my visitor that seo contest start sharing not selling is only for indonesia only so dont worry be happy and dont forget to supprot me on start sharing not selling seo contest.thanks

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