Wednesday, 21 July 2010


well i think you know that reciprocal link will help you ti boost or improve your pagerank like i tell it before on how to increase pagerank but all things on seo must be see by carefully because not of all blog that link exchange with us can give you quality backlink or boost your pagerank,so im here to post you for help you to get a quality link exchange or reciprocal link,now maybe i have 4 tips if you want to give more tips you can submit your comment on this post okay so here there are 4 tips for link exchange exchange that has a higher pagerank

for boost your pagerank by fastly you must link exchange with a blog that has higher pagerank than your blog example:your blog has PR 1,you must link exchange with a blog that has PR 2-9,but for your information a blog that has PR 4 or higher maybe not accept your blog if your blog has pagerank 0.also if you link exchange with N/A blog,your pagerank not increase boostly for your blog. exchange thas has a same niche

wow i think one of this things still forget by everyone and people still this thinks are useless but if you read carefuly you can get a quality backlink from a blog that has same niche with you examole:you have a blog thas has niche health,so if you want to get a quality backlink you must link exchange with a niche health too. exchange in sitewide

you know that link exchange in sitewide is better than in post because your blog can get a lot of backlink from a blog that link exchange with you so,please i hope you can link exchange in sitewide ok exchange with same languange

lastly your blog must have a same languange with a blog that link exchange with you example:english blog link exchange with english blog.

okay i think that all for me i hope you can enjoy my usefull article thanks

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