Monday, 10 May 2010


today i want to share about how to increase a pagerank,for your information pagerank is the most important thing and its a part of paid sell link,yeah paid sell link cant happen in internet business if some of blog doesnt has a pagerank,well i think place for buy and sell link can give you tips how to increase a pagerank and i hope this tips can useful for us who want to earn money on paid link sales,so please read carefully this article it can be useful if you seriously do it everyday and i think if you want to make more money in paid link sales you must have HIGH PAGERANK okay here there are tips from me:

1.comment on dofollow blog, iassume you to comment on dofollow blog that has ionstant approve so you cant wait long time to approve your comment and please comment on article that has a pagerank if you comment in article that hasnt pagerank or its N/A or 0,its just wasting time,this is my trick you can practice it or not its up to you hehe.

2.submit you article in web submission article site so,your article has a backlink to your article and its very hopeful and very important so please after you post your article,do it now to submit your article on article submission site,a list of submssion web maybe i post it later. link with other people but must have a PR at least 1 so you can increase your pagerank blog i recommend to you to must exchange link with dofollow blog and its same niche with your blog and keep it from linkfarm must write an article everyday or i sggest you to post your article for 1 article for 2 days so search engine google can index your article and improve your blog algoritm on google alghoritm

5.lastly dont forget to make more internal link.internal link is a link that contain article to one of article on same site.yeah i usually practice this tips like in post my income from paid link,my income from paid link part 2 and our you can get a pagerank

oka thats all for me if i have a wrong languange please forgive me and if this article usefull you can copy paste this artice but dont forget to linkback us okay,i hope after you read this article and practice it your blog has get PR 2 hehe kdding i hope you can get high pagerank after that you sell your link but dont forget to keep get notice from advertiser,thats from me bye.

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