Tuesday, 25 May 2010


after you know what is blogroll and blogpost.now in this post i want to share to you about 4 type of blogroll,this 4 type is avaible in 2 ways to sell link or in forum selling and from broker like ask2link/text-link-ads.okay maybe i can review what 4 type of blogroll is.

1.homepage link

for homepage link i little bit i know that this type of blogroll is same like blogpost or maybe like a post that have a many link in the content.homepage link is useful for link seller because with my opinion this type blogroll,many people sell link by this type of blogroll

2.sitewide link

i think you know sitewide link,sitewide link is sell a link and place it on left/right/footer/above a website.usually this sitewide link has a name like in this blog you can see my friends blog or my blog,yeah that is sitewide link

3.innerpage link

maybe this type of blogroll many people forget it but if you see a deep like a sea hehe,you can meet an advertiser that maybe interest to buy a link by innerpage,theres one of member of adsense-id want to buy a link from innerpage like mr.p3durungan you can join to this forum by see on my post forum list for buy and sell link.innerpage is an article that have a pagerank and its ready to sell a link in behind or footer of content.


i think blogpost is blogroll too but maybe this typ of blogroll is diferent from the other because this link must have a a content to place a link,for example what is blogpost you can see my article on strategies link building services use to drive traffic,yeah if you see an article you know that article are blogpost,dont forget to visit my advertiser link in that post okay hehe.

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