Monday, 29 March 2010


well im sory guys 1-2 months ago i cant write a content because i have a problem with my internet connection and my computer still error.but now all of problem has been resolved thanks god i can write a content again.well a topic that i want to share about you is how many way to sell a link with our my opinion there are 2 ways to sell a link,first is with sell a link in your blog with broker program or sponsored like backlink,textlinkad,and many other broker program that you can join to sell link with your blog.second way is sell link by sell in forum.i think you all know that digitalpoint is a best way to sell link by forum.if you not like digitalpoint its okay ther are many forum that can sell link with our blog like v7n,warrior forum,etc.but i recommended you to sell link by forum on digitalpoint because this forum has a good facilities and has many member that join this forum.lastly you can sell your link by signup and be our here to join or if you want to buy a link you can be our advertiser just click here to join.well i think thats all from me,wait for my next posting.thanks

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