Wednesday, 20 October 2010


horeee,from yesterday until today im feel happy.why because this blog has pr 2 again,well thanks to my frined ega abdillah who assume me for find a backlink for a blog that has pr n/a or decrease in pagerank,yesterday google pagerank update,so i have 5 blog thas has pr 4,pr 3,pr 2 also still in pr 0 is my music blog what a shame but im feedl not worry because an important is i have a many visitor in that blog,well for your information,in last post i tell you that dont put a link in comment,why i do that,because i hate a comentator who comment this blog with a link in comment

so i decide it to erase a comment that has a link in comment from and in yesterday i success to bring back pagerank of this blog from pr n/a to pr 2.wooow i cant believe it,so from today maybe i want to make money online with all of my blog especially in this blog buy and sell link hehe.ok start from tomorrow i i post again in seo topic,but i think its too long for you to wait because you know that my computer was broken and i have an internet connection problem so im sorry,ok see you next time bye

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


GOOGLE DANCE NO PROBLEM.hallo i come back now with sad feeling in pagerank because 2 of my blog especially this blog has pr n/a and until now google not update pagerank yet,yes its so sda for me who make money online,allgright i want to talk you is google dance maybe for blog owner are hell because in 1 day or 1 month,all visitors from google are decrease and some of post in a blog are eaten by google.well i have a bad news that my music blog get a google dance,after i talk to my frined they said no proble because all of blog owner must get google dance well unfortunately my music blog out from google dance in one day,well i think for tips or trick how to escape from google dance i will explain you later thanks.because im online from internet cafe thanks

Thursday, 30 September 2010


WHY BACKLINK IS IMPORTANT IN SEO AND PAID you know backlink,if you are a people who work in SEO for long time maybe you know that backlink is a link that linking to our site,well in seo backlink is important for a blog because it can improve your blog in google SERP with your own keyword.well example my blog that has 1700 backlink get into a page 2 with keyword free music download mp3,so you dont worry again if you want to increase ranking in google SERP you must have a lot of backlink to your site,so with that you can get a lot of traffic,like my music blog has more 800/visitor day,in my mission now i want to optimize my traffic blog into 1000 visitor/day is backlink important in paid link,i answer yes,why,because many advertiser want high quality link to their site,if you want to know what is high quality backlink i will post later.well with get a high quality backlink advertiser blog can get a good result in SERP.well i assume you to have a backlink more than 3000 backlink because theres many advertiser like that blog type so its not flase if you want to try it,iif you tired get a lot of backlink you can buy xtrumer can buy 4000 backlink for $20 only is cheap you know.for xtrumer backlink service you can see at digitalpoint forum or adsense-id.okay i this post is end to this now so bye bye,GO GO GO SEO

Friday, 24 September 2010


WHAT IS ADVANTAGE FOR PUBLISHER.after i post about why theres a many link broker in paid link program.i have an idea to post and share with you know because in last post i want to share about what is advantage for publisher.well for your knowledge if you have many domain that has pagerank you can join instantly to join ask2link but i think ask2link and many else broker link like text-link ads must be has good pagerank,if you have not good pagerank or we can say you have pr 1-2 you can join to join be a pubsliher because in link market theres many broker link that want to accept pr 1-pr2,because an advertiser need ASAP for link building,ok now we talk for an advantage for publisher can get a huge money from paid link sale,if you have good pagerank you can make a bigger money you know.but i think this first advantage i think you know it all dont worry you dont get a money from paid link sales.register with a broker link in because theres many broker link that has genius idea for advertiser who want to advertise in your blog

3.many PR Domain you have a more money you can get,so i think you must buy a pr domain from godaddy,i assume you to buy pr 4 or higher if you can find it

4.lastly you dont promote your blog to advertise,this thing make you tired so if you want to be our publisher you just update your blog,find a backlink and received a job like blogpost or link sales from your email.

i think thats all for that i hope i can post with usefull post for you

Saturday, 11 September 2010


WHY THERES MANY LINK BROKER IN PAID LINK PROGRAM?.well before i share about this article i wanto to say happy idul fitri for all muslim,forgive me if i have false and praise to allah our false can be forgive HIM.amin.ok back to the topic since one until six months ago i saw many members of digitalpint dan ads-id etc,that has become broker link especially me,im link broker too.i think this is good answer for this question.i have several answer for this question here there are.

1.first is link broker is one of job vacancy that easy to do it well if we are broker we just get money in one week yeah i think just $25/week is good for a broker link like me. link dont need a blog but they need blogger to send a prorsal to him for monetize blog.

3.they can get a lot of money if they have many publisher and advertiser like ask2link

4.easy job just send blog to advertiser if advertiser agree,advertiser can send money to broker,brker just need YM,internet connection,laptop and nut hehe just kidd

so here there are 4 answer why theres many broker link in paid program,i think i want to post about what is advantage for publisher,ok see you net time bye

Monday, 23 August 2010


GOOGLE NOT UPDATE PAGERANK YET.well im feel tired because in a couple week im still lot of backlink but thats useless i mean not useless but until now google not update pagerank,in my opinion google update their pagerank on first of august but my opinion is false its not on first august but until now google not update their pagerank,i heard a news from my friend on said there was a problem with google and google still maintenance a page well i think this reason is good too because not usually google not upadte their pagerank until 4 month but in history google not update a pagerank for 5 month so we dont know that when google update pagerank i assume that a pagerank will be on first september so stay passion my friend it will be ok.ehmm one more thing is in my post dont put a link in comment form i told you that dont put a link in comment form if you still like that i will delete your comment well i think i must delete all spam comment yet haha.from now i will delete that comment once

Saturday, 7 August 2010


well good afternoon you all are you ok,ehmm do you miss me that i dont post yet now,i want to share you about high pr article directory list that i search on google and ready to share to you,my idea come from list dofollow pr 4 5 autoapprove and list edu blog autoapprove so i think that find a backlink with article directory is also one important thing for our blog now so,please enjoy my share remmember dont put a link in comment form if you want to comment on this blog ok,because this blog has pr n/a so i want to increase a pagerank of this blog,ok now check it out beib hehe:

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im sorry mayeb on of article direcotry site that you see maybe has decrease a pagerank or no gaian online since 2010 you can check one per one and check a pagerank with your favourite tools thanks