Friday, 24 September 2010


WHAT IS ADVANTAGE FOR PUBLISHER.after i post about why theres a many link broker in paid link program.i have an idea to post and share with you know because in last post i want to share about what is advantage for publisher.well for your knowledge if you have many domain that has pagerank you can join instantly to join ask2link but i think ask2link and many else broker link like text-link ads must be has good pagerank,if you have not good pagerank or we can say you have pr 1-2 you can join to join be a pubsliher because in link market theres many broker link that want to accept pr 1-pr2,because an advertiser need ASAP for link building,ok now we talk for an advantage for publisher can get a huge money from paid link sale,if you have good pagerank you can make a bigger money you know.but i think this first advantage i think you know it all dont worry you dont get a money from paid link sales.register with a broker link in because theres many broker link that has genius idea for advertiser who want to advertise in your blog

3.many PR Domain you have a more money you can get,so i think you must buy a pr domain from godaddy,i assume you to buy pr 4 or higher if you can find it

4.lastly you dont promote your blog to advertise,this thing make you tired so if you want to be our publisher you just update your blog,find a backlink and received a job like blogpost or link sales from your email.

i think thats all for that i hope i can post with usefull post for you

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