Saturday, 11 September 2010


WHY THERES MANY LINK BROKER IN PAID LINK PROGRAM?.well before i share about this article i wanto to say happy idul fitri for all muslim,forgive me if i have false and praise to allah our false can be forgive HIM.amin.ok back to the topic since one until six months ago i saw many members of digitalpint dan ads-id etc,that has become broker link especially me,im link broker too.i think this is good answer for this question.i have several answer for this question here there are.

1.first is link broker is one of job vacancy that easy to do it well if we are broker we just get money in one week yeah i think just $25/week is good for a broker link like me. link dont need a blog but they need blogger to send a prorsal to him for monetize blog.

3.they can get a lot of money if they have many publisher and advertiser like ask2link

4.easy job just send blog to advertiser if advertiser agree,advertiser can send money to broker,brker just need YM,internet connection,laptop and nut hehe just kidd

so here there are 4 answer why theres many broker link in paid program,i think i want to post about what is advantage for publisher,ok see you net time bye

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