Wednesday, 20 October 2010


horeee,from yesterday until today im feel happy.why because this blog has pr 2 again,well thanks to my frined ega abdillah who assume me for find a backlink for a blog that has pr n/a or decrease in pagerank,yesterday google pagerank update,so i have 5 blog thas has pr 4,pr 3,pr 2 also still in pr 0 is my music blog what a shame but im feedl not worry because an important is i have a many visitor in that blog,well for your information,in last post i tell you that dont put a link in comment,why i do that,because i hate a comentator who comment this blog with a link in comment

so i decide it to erase a comment that has a link in comment from and in yesterday i success to bring back pagerank of this blog from pr n/a to pr 2.wooow i cant believe it,so from today maybe i want to make money online with all of my blog especially in this blog buy and sell link hehe.ok start from tomorrow i i post again in seo topic,but i think its too long for you to wait because you know that my computer was broken and i have an internet connection problem so im sorry,ok see you next time bye

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


GOOGLE DANCE NO PROBLEM.hallo i come back now with sad feeling in pagerank because 2 of my blog especially this blog has pr n/a and until now google not update pagerank yet,yes its so sda for me who make money online,allgright i want to talk you is google dance maybe for blog owner are hell because in 1 day or 1 month,all visitors from google are decrease and some of post in a blog are eaten by google.well i have a bad news that my music blog get a google dance,after i talk to my frined they said no proble because all of blog owner must get google dance well unfortunately my music blog out from google dance in one day,well i think for tips or trick how to escape from google dance i will explain you later thanks.because im online from internet cafe thanks