Monday, 26 April 2010


halo guys do you still know about my posting about my income from paid link part there post i publish and post about transaction one of my advertiser,he said he dont want me to tell or publish his identification and paypal e-mail also telephone number in paypal,because he said its privacy if you do it again its wrong,so with my pleasant that post that have a payment proof i delete it all because it sprivacy,i get a notice from this advertiser because he send me private message in digitalpoint so after i delete that payment proof now i tell to him if a payment proof now has been i removed.i think post about my income from paid link not to show payment proof because i really scare that ID of this advertiser paypal has been hack so,i remove it,thanks.oh yeah i forgot,hey all bloggers around a world please be carefull because if google update their pagerank tomorrow we must find a lot of backlink to our site and i hope my blog tempat berbagi pengalaman can get PR i think its only PR 1 haha.okay thats all from me bye bye.

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Friday, 23 April 2010


HOREEW this week i get my income from paid link,but i success sell link this blog by a forum one of from indonesia and then one again from international forum.if you want to sell a link by forum you can see forum list for buy and sell link in this blog.okay firs income is from adsense-id,this blog success sell one link that indonesia furture you can check in this blog.okay i show you a payment proof from paid link by forum(this is real payment proof).

im sorry i remove a payment proof because i know that is privacy so,im not to tell or publish about personal identification.

so with this 3 payment now my income from paid link this month is $8.16 alhamdulilah for next time i must get than hundered year amin.thanks ya allah

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Friday, 16 April 2010


i want to tell you something about my income from paid link,well for your information im just newbie in here but after my blog has get PR,especially this blog has PR 2,but why my other blog daftar ptc luar terpercaya can get income from paid link and this blog until now not receive online earning from paid link,maybe my other blog has get higher pagerank than this blog and also maybe that blog are dofollow blog,but a 2-4 days ago theres an advertiser that interest to buy link from this blog and i reply his message but until now i dont heard about his answer,maybe if google update pagerank this blog is increase to PR 4 ahahha,just kidding,well for your information my blog daftar ptc luar terpercaya has get $4,50 from paid link,but i offer it to adsense-id can sell or buy link from forum too or you can read our post about forum list to buy and sell link,well with this income i can be proud to join internet business seriously especially from paid sell link,im sorry for post this content because im not update blog 1 week ago so im afraid this blog can decrease this pagerank,from 2 to 0.

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TODAY our blog has one advertiser,maybe you laugh at me beacuse i have one advertiser,thats okay im only get one advertiser but i get it from myself and my hardwork,after i discuss you post about our client while i hope someone to be our advertiser,now our blog has one advertiser ahhah.yeah i give thanks to god because i have one advertiser,here there is our advertiser profile/contact information(paypal email of an advertiser not im post in here because its privacy).


okay thats detail of our advertiser and before that i have one wish,i hope google update their pagerank (minor)on 30 april or last month,yeah i hope it because i want my other blog get a pagerank.

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best regards
bima priyo sembodo
admin of place for buy and sell link

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


after this blog has get PR 2 because google update their pagerank,now i want to inform you how many clients that i have from publisher and advertiser.well i think it small for me,but i think this small business can make a lot of here is our publisher and advertiser.


DAN POPPA music online) movies online)


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bima sembodo


horeeey,today im happy now because after i check this blog,this blog get PR 2 from google thanks allah,YOU are most merciful for me. 6 days ago i have posting about if google update their pagerank,well for your information this google pagerank update are late 2 days than we thinka bout it yeah google update their pagerank in 3 april now im happy too,because im optimize this blog to has pagerank only 4 days,yeah we know we must find a dofollow backlink to get a my blog mission in this day is promote this blog and increase a pagerank until 3-4 then i play paid to review with this blog,i hope i can earn paid to review and also sell link by 2 ways to sell link,im not forget too to use forum list ot buy and sell link for buy and sell link to advertiser.i tell you that my business is not scam,dont worry to be our publisher now click here and be our advertiser now by click here.thanks i hope you join with place for buy and sell link.