Friday, 23 April 2010


HOREEW this week i get my income from paid link,but i success sell link this blog by a forum one of from indonesia and then one again from international forum.if you want to sell a link by forum you can see forum list for buy and sell link in this blog.okay firs income is from adsense-id,this blog success sell one link that indonesia furture you can check in this blog.okay i show you a payment proof from paid link by forum(this is real payment proof).

im sorry i remove a payment proof because i know that is privacy so,im not to tell or publish about personal identification.

so with this 3 payment now my income from paid link this month is $8.16 alhamdulilah for next time i must get than hundered year amin.thanks ya allah

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ARUN P said...

helloa.... good to be here.... got some good tips too :)

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