Friday, 16 April 2010


i want to tell you something about my income from paid link,well for your information im just newbie in here but after my blog has get PR,especially this blog has PR 2,but why my other blog daftar ptc luar terpercaya can get income from paid link and this blog until now not receive online earning from paid link,maybe my other blog has get higher pagerank than this blog and also maybe that blog are dofollow blog,but a 2-4 days ago theres an advertiser that interest to buy link from this blog and i reply his message but until now i dont heard about his answer,maybe if google update pagerank this blog is increase to PR 4 ahahha,just kidding,well for your information my blog daftar ptc luar terpercaya has get $4,50 from paid link,but i offer it to adsense-id can sell or buy link from forum too or you can read our post about forum list to buy and sell link,well with this income i can be proud to join internet business seriously especially from paid sell link,im sorry for post this content because im not update blog 1 week ago so im afraid this blog can decrease this pagerank,from 2 to 0.

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