Monday, 26 April 2010


halo guys do you still know about my posting about my income from paid link part there post i publish and post about transaction one of my advertiser,he said he dont want me to tell or publish his identification and paypal e-mail also telephone number in paypal,because he said its privacy if you do it again its wrong,so with my pleasant that post that have a payment proof i delete it all because it sprivacy,i get a notice from this advertiser because he send me private message in digitalpoint so after i delete that payment proof now i tell to him if a payment proof now has been i removed.i think post about my income from paid link not to show payment proof because i really scare that ID of this advertiser paypal has been hack so,i remove it,thanks.oh yeah i forgot,hey all bloggers around a world please be carefull because if google update their pagerank tomorrow we must find a lot of backlink to our site and i hope my blog tempat berbagi pengalaman can get PR i think its only PR 1 haha.okay thats all from me bye bye.

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