Saturday, 22 May 2010


IF you like play or visit to forum or maybe become member one of online business forum,you can see a topic link you know link market i will tell market is a topic that who want to sell or buy link to someone to member of online business link market you are nor rarely see what is blogroll.blogroll is we buy/sell a link in our pr blog.theres many place you can sell with blogroll example:you can sell link at sidewide,in homepage,innerpage or in footer.

i think for blogroll its easy to use,you just place an advertiser link in someplace that advertiser want,if you finish your job you contact an advertiser that link finish to place,so an advertiser check their link in our blog after that you can get dollar/money to your paypal pocket hehe.diferent with blogpost.blogpost is we buy/sell a review from one of member,a price could be diferent,you can get $15 per post,there are two types of blogpost is i write that mean you review an advertiser website and include an advertiser link post and publish it second id you write that mean advertiser review their website and we not review or post at the blog,a post is create by advertiser,after you get blogpost from advertiser you must copy paste it include an advertiser link and publish finish you can get money in your paypal pocket hehe.okay i think thats all from me so bye bye.if you want to sell or buy link from forum just see my post forum list for buy and sell link so you can join of that forum and start make money online from forum

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